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Microsoft MVP Award Winner - Tom Howell of Synapsis Creative

Posted by Tom Howell on 09-Jun-2017 13:06:13


5 years ago I was working at an agency as the creative leader of a design team that specialised in PowerPoint presentations. My mind was drifting one afternoon and I began searching any awards programs for PowerPoint. I found there was no PowerPoint Award, nor was there any award for design in PowerPoint. I did, on that day, find two things:

The Presentation Summit and the Microsoft MVP Award program.

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3 Lessons from the Fyre Festival Pitch Presentation (why good design can sell bad ideas)

Posted by Tom Howell on 03-May-2017 12:55:40

You’ve likely heard the news about the woeful organisation of the latest festival-flop Fyre Festival. If not, you can read about it here. 

The one question nobody seems to be asking is: how did this inexperienced, underqualified and overconfident team pitch $25 million dollars in investment to put this festival on?


The answer is a good looking pitch deck.


Absurd, yes. Seemingly full of untruthful statements, yes. But what isn’t being talked about is the fact that this pitch presentation opened wallets. Likely, a LOT of wallets. As comically-tragic as the whole debacle was, it is a lesson that good design can often carry more weight than a good idea.


Let me say it again, as I don’t even completely believe it myself:


Persuasive presentation design can influence business decisions more than the merit of the idea itself. Fyre Festival is proof.


Read on to see the full pitch deck from the ill-fated Fyre Festival


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3 Reasons to Become a Presentation Designer

Posted by Tom Howell on 08-Nov-2016 15:51:58

Its a great time to be a PowerPoint designer

It may seem strange, but being a PowerPoint designer sure has it upsides. Yep, its not quite the glamour design role that award winning advertising agencies can provide (in fact, there is an exceedingly limited award system for PowerPoint design). And it's not a design job you frequently get the luxury of spending a few weeks in production (often just a few days and all too frequently just a few hours). The presentation design industry is one of the fastest growing design disciplines at the moment.

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