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Interactive Presentations! Why your business is missing an opportunity

Posted by Tom Howell on 26-Apr-2017 10:17:53

Static PowerPoint presentations may be great for big meetings or conferences, but what if you want your viewers to have a deeply meaningful experience that they guide themselves? Interactive PowerPoint presentations provide a powerful way to connect with and engage an audience for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you want to test an app or put the power to navigate a document in the hands of your audience, it's time to consider how interactive PP presentations can work for your organization. 



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PowerPoint has gone Rogue! Part 1 - Print Presentation

Posted by Tom Howell on 10-Apr-2017 11:57:51

I'm writing a four-part series celebrating the different ways that PowerPoint is 'mis'used.

At our studio, Synapsis Creative, we don't just put together Presentations for big screens. We researched four ways that PowerPoint is used - Animation, Print/Page, Onscreen and Interactivity. These are also loosely reflective of the corporate design medium disciplines. Our studio designers are publishing a video highlighting the advantages of using PowerPoint for each of these mediums. The first one we've chosen is Page.

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The Graphic Design industry – where does a Presentation Designer fit?

Posted by Tom Howell on 03-Apr-2017 20:01:06

In the last decade, the emergence of Presentation / PowerPoint Designer roles has skyrocketed from the darkened corner of Desktop Publishing (DTP) to the heights of keynote speeches and world-viewed presentations as well as touched on practically every design discipline in-between. The niche lovechild of DTP and Graphic Design, Presentation Design, now sits at the precipice of becoming the newest specialisation in Graphic Design.


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Should You Use Animation in PowerPoint Presentations?

Posted by Tom Howell on 31-Mar-2017 18:20:57


PowerPoint offers some incredible visual tools, and animation is among those. When done well, presentation animations add to the overall value of your message and encourage audience engagement. There's no doubt that they can be a powerful tool in your PP arsenal. 

Unfortunately, all too many presenters ask themselves what they're technically capable of doing in PP and then cram in as many effects as possible. This can seriously detract from the overall quality of a presentation and can leave your audience with a negative impression. Here's what you need to know to decide if PowerPoint animation is truly a must for your presentation. 


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To Print or Not to Print? Printable PowerPoint Presentations

Posted by Tom Howell on 24-Mar-2017 00:25:14

There are times when giving a PowerPoint presentation alone just isn't enough to inform or inspire an audience. Presenters who want to supplement their PP presentations often do so by printing presentation hand-outs. When done right, handouts can add value to a presentation and provide audience members with crucial information. Some presenters use handouts to build an audience's knowledge and provide them with a physical take-away to remember the presentation. 

Unfortunately, all too many individuals end up simply printing presentations exactly as they're shown on the screen. That means leaving audience members to stare at printed slides that neither fit well on the page nor add anything beyond what the presenter is saying, and that's a rookie move. If your presentation could benefit from added information via a handout, consider these best practices for printing supplemental materials that truly pop. 


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7 Great PowerPoint Presentation Layouts

Posted by Tom Howell on 20-Mar-2017 15:13:11

PowerPoint is widely considered to be the premier program when it comes to presenting content for both employees and leads. It's got a very small learning curve, it's intuitive, and just about any type of audio or visual content can be prepared using this method.

What many people don't realize, however, is that there's an even better way of presenting your information, and that's through the use of grid (or guides) layouts. These layouts effectively organize your content in a way that provides a clean PowerPoint design, leading to easily understandable content and better visuals. 

This way, your audience will spend more time engaged with your content and less time figuring out what your presentation is trying to accomplish. In this post, we're going to look at 7 great PowerPoint presentation grid layouts that you can put to work right away.


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What Do Fonts Have to Do with It? 5 Font Rules for PowerPoint

Posted by Tom Howell on 17-Mar-2017 14:45:12

Nailing the right design for a PowerPoint presentation increases audience attention and makes your message more salient. It's important to know that mastering graphic design in PowerPoint means more than knowing how to choose the right layouts, images and colour schemes for every presentation. It also means understanding how fonts impact the aesthetics and readability of your presentation design. Here are five must-follow font rules for PowerPoint. 

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Why Writing a Script For Your PowerPoint Matters When Presenting To An Audience

Posted by Tom Howell on 16-Mar-2017 10:15:20

Successfully presenting to an audience takes a decent amount of preparation. If you're getting ready to make a PowerPoint (PP) presentation, you might think that focusing on design elements and on-screen text is more important than anything else. After all, your presentations must be visually compelling to retain audience interest (click here to learn 6 visual elements that give extra pop to PowerPoint Presentations). While there's no doubt that the visuals do matter, don't forget that a strong presentation script is essential too. 

Why? If you don't have a script, you're likely to get caught reading off slides or rambling on and on. Neither of those tactics will capture your audience's attention and imagination, and that spells doom for any presentation. When you incorporate script-writing into your overall presentation design strategy, you take advantage of a powerful way to make a greater impact on your audience. 


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6 Visual Elements that Give Extra Pop to PowerPoint Presentations

Posted by Tom Howell on 02-Mar-2017 10:53:10

PowerPoint can be an amazing tool for presenters to engage audiences and share knowledge. Whether utilized for business sales pitches or to deliver university lectures, this visual presentation system is used around the globe because of its awesome potential. All too often, though, business leaders and educators show up with PowerPoint presentations that are more eyesore than informative.

Without strong PowerPoint design, presentations won't capture audience attention and may even damage the reputations of the companies or organizations responsible for their creation. That's why keeping a focus on striking, consistent design when you're creating a presentation is essential. If you're eager to improve PowerPoint presentations, consider incorporating these six visual design elements into your next slide deck. 

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7 Graphic Design Techniques That Will Enhance Your Next Presentation

Posted by Tom Howell on 12-Dec-2016 10:23:17

7 Graphic Design Techniques That Will Enhance Your PowerPoint Presentations

Businesses around the globe have embraced PowerPoint for more than 25 years. There are numerous reasons for this, including the program's time-saving templates, eye-catching visual format and enhanced ability to quickly and easily get a point across. Whether you personally love it or hate it, PowerPoint is likely to retain a position of popularity and power for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I'm here to help you learn how to take your presentations to the next level.

The most important thing you need to realize is that it's not nearly enough to know how to create a PowerPoint presentation. In fact, because this program has become so commonplace, you need to step up your graphic design game if you want to have a memorable impact on your coworkers, supervisors, clients and prospects. Fortunately, PowerPoint design is something that I'm passionate about, and I'm going to give you seven tips that will help ensure you get the desired results from your next presentation.
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