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Why Good PowerPoint Is Important to Your ASX Company

Posted by Tim Butt on 31-Jul-2017 12:34:32



When I look at the websites of ASX companies, I always wonder why so many have spent so much money on creating great looking websites, but have seriously neglected their downloadable PDFs and Presentations. ASX/NSX reporting documents (Shareholder Presentations, Quarterly reports, etc.) are available for download, as per regulations, but the poor design of these documents makes the company look messy and unprofessional.

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5 Ways To Make The Most Important Info In Your Presentation Stand Out

Posted by Tom Howell on 26-Jul-2017 14:15:09

Ever sat through a presentation that contained so much information that you couldn't remember what the main message was supposed to be? Here are 5 simple steps that will improve your presentations, by focusing your audiences' attention on the parts you want them to remember. These tips will draw their eyes to the most important information on each slide.

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[Preview!] PowerPoint just changed the game with 3D Modelling

Posted by Tom Howell on 07-Jul-2017 11:35:28


Just when you thought you knew what you were doing in PowerPoint (and just a few months after it's 30th Birthday), it reinvents itself and changes how we communicate stories.

PowerPoint will shortly be supporting visual and motion 3D modelling capabilities beyond what you thought was previously possible. We're not talking about your cubes, bevel and embossing - we're talking advanced modelling up to (and including) entire city-scapes. See our short demonstration below...


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5 Surprising Ways to Use PowerPoint in Your Business

Posted by Tom Howell on 06-Jul-2017 08:48:53

The software program PowerPoint is synonymous with on-screen presentations, and it’s not surprising as this is an area where it excels. What is surprising is how often PowerPoint is used for other purposes. In this article we’ll review 5 ways to use PowerPoint (other than for on-screen presentations) and how these can work for your business.

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7 Big PowerPoint Mistakes You Just Can't Afford to Make

Posted by Tom Howell on 16-Jun-2017 10:58:49

Making a PowerPoint presentation is about more than presenting facts to an audience. It's about educating others and gaining their confidence in your professional skills and opinion. Unfortunately, some basic mistakes can lead to bad presentations that undermine viewer confidence instead of building it up. Avoid these seven common PowerPoint mistakes, and you'll have the power to impress any audience. 

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Microsoft MVP Award Winner - Tom Howell of Synapsis Creative

Posted by Tom Howell on 09-Jun-2017 13:06:13


5 years ago I was working at an agency as the creative leader of a design team that specialised in PowerPoint presentations. My mind was drifting one afternoon and I began searching any awards programs for PowerPoint. I found there was no PowerPoint Award, nor was there any award for design in PowerPoint. I did, on that day, find two things:

The Presentation Summit and the Microsoft MVP Award program.

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Choosing the Right Balance of Statistics in PowerPoint

Posted by Tom Howell on 07-Jun-2017 11:25:59

 Every PowerPoint presenter wants to be regarded as an expert in their given field, and presenters often use statistics to drive their points home. Unfortunately, too many statistics or poorly presented statistics tend to undermine the efficacy of PP presentations. If you're considering presenting statistics on your slides, you'll need to take care to choose the right balance of statistics to send your message. Thankfully, doing that isn't tough. Take these five steps to use statistics in PowerPoint successfully. 

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Create the Perfect Background for Your PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Posted by Tom Howell on 31-May-2017 14:07:14

Creating striking PowerPoint presentations means carefully considering every single element included on your slides. From graphics to fonts to colors to text, making the right aesthetic choices increases audience engagement and makes your presentation look more professional. A strong slide background provides a grounding element for your presentation and helps provide visual consistency, but creating one can prove surprisingly difficulty. Here are best practices and tips to help you create striking slide backgrounds that will enhance any presentation. 

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Choosing the Right Images for Your PowerPoint Presentations

Posted by Tom Howell on 23-May-2017 09:27:25

The images you choose for your PowerPoint presentation will have an incredible impact on viewer attention, esteem and retention. That means that picking the right PowerPoint images is essential to the overall success of your presentation. Here are nine tips to help you choose imagery in PowerPoint presentations that will make a strong impression on your audience. 

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5 Worst PowerPoint Fails from Business and Government

Posted by Tom Howell on 15-May-2017 09:43:12

When it comes to entertainment value, the only thing better than an aesthetically stunning PowerPoint presentation is a really bad PowerPoint presentation. Take these five presentation fails from the world of business and government, which demonstrate what happens when someone with no design sensibility takes over presentation duties. More than just providing fodder for a good laugh, these really terrible presentations also provide a helpful illustration of everything you shouldn't do the next time you create a PP presentation. 

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